What is informed consent?

Informed consent upholds the patient’s right to self-determination and making decisions about their own treatment, which is essential to their autonomy as a human being. When self-advocating for your patient rights or when representing a patient as a patient advocate, it’s important to understand informed consent. You cannot consent if you have not been informed.…

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Psychiatric Advance Directives

The Psychiatric Advanced Directive (PAD) is a legal tool that allows a person with mental illness to state their preferences for treatment in advance of a crisis. They can serve as a way to protect a person’s autonomy and ability to self-direct care. They are similar to living wills and other medical advance planning documents…

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Self Advocacy Tip

Be aware of what your end-goal is, and focus on achieving it, rather than “winning” and argument or proving others wrong. Emotions can get in the way when advocating for your needs, but remember your end-goal: To get the care you need.

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Our Mission

The mission of Beyond Medicine-Patient Advocacy is to facilitate patient health and well-being.

Our Philosophy

Patients and their families have the right to make their own medical treatment decisions

Patients and their families have the right to make decisions about medical treatment that align with their values and lifestyles

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Patients and their families have the right to be educated and informed so that they may make health decisions that support their desired health outcomes and well-being.

What We Offer

Independent Patient Advocacy Services for Patients and Families

Resources for Patients and Families

Education for Providers